For those who have dealt in recent times with the building industry it is soon apparent that to find quality, integrity, and timeliness is a very difficult task indeed! It has been a very pleasant experience to have worked with Nitz Development over the last few years.  Whether it has been a small project under $750,000  or a complex one of over $20,000,000 the thorough completion of detail is the same.

Nitz has demonstrated on a number of occasions that it has a unique ability to understand and experience the challenges that churches have.  They bring with them a litany of case studies and projects that uniquely place them in a very limited group of contractors that know the answers before the question is raised.

If it is quality work that you looking for that will stay with your budget, when it is a time line of completion you must fulfill, then count on Nitz Development.  If they say can do, count on it!  You can take this to the bank for it will happen just as it was promised. When we need a competent trustworthy contractor our first choice always is Nitz Development!

Charles J. Griffin, Executive Secretary
Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

I have known Bob Nitz and the Nitz Development Company for over a decade during which time they have been instrumental in the expansion and development of the Christ Chapel Campus. Serving as our Project Manager and General Contractor, Bob has demonstrated exceptional competence that resulted in timely, quality, cost-effective construction of two projects of more than 50,000 square feet of new construction. Also noteworthy are the ethical standards that Bob brings to the job. He is honest, trustworthy and a man “true to his word.” I would recommend Nitz Development company without reservation.

Rev. Bill Roberts 
Lead Pastor 

Nitz Development & Construction is a company I have been associated with for over 20 years. As an Architect it is enjoyable to work with a Contractor with the integrity, honesty, and ability of a firm like Nitz. I have found Nitz to be very conscientious in working with myself and the Owner in producing the best possible product for the lowest price. I would recommend Nitz Development & Construction to anyone considering a Building Project.

James C. Thomson
Thomson Group, Inc.

I would like to recommend to you "Nitz Development & Construction Company"….. We are very pleased with their work and expertise in church building. They are wonderful Christian Brothers of High Integrity and have a wonderful working relationship with those they work for. I can recommend them to you without reservation.

D. Wendel Cover 
Pastor Word of Life International Church

The mission of Nitz Development is to build churches and schools connected with churches. The ability to work directly with someone who is a Christian and understands what churches are about is invaluable. Working with churches can be a unique challenge since all of the people involved are volunteers and often consider themselves construction managers in their own right. This can make committee work challenging as well as reveal the measure of one’s patience. Because Nitz has worked primarily with churches, they come into meetings confident, willing to take the time to explain, as well as listen to ideas. … I can highly recommend without reservation Nitz Development and Construction. To make them part of your team is to have already determined the success of your project....

Merle Poirior
Building Committee Chairperson
Spencerville Adventist Academy

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First discovering and then getting to work with both Bob and Dwayne Nitz and the Nitz Development and Construction Team has been very special slice of life for me as an architect and designer of church facilities. I have learned from experience that just to create a good set of plans and specification does not guarantee a good building project. To be able to provide the best possible project, we as architects must be able to team with a builder that not only has experience but also the expertise and knowhow to first price out and then construct a building of quality. I have found those team members in Bob and Dwayne Nitz. The creativity and ingenuity that they have exhibited working together with us on our projects has resulted in more economical and better constructed buildings. The level of experience, expertise, and integrity that they bring to the table does away with the worry of wondering whether things are being done right and marks them as being worthy of careful consideration as the builder of your next project.”

Dennis Batty
Dennis Batty & Associates Group

“Bob Nitz and Nitz Development & Construction Company were selected to build our current Family Life Center which had much complexity. Nitz Construction was selected because of their ability to construct, create and on their record of building within budget. Upon selecting Nitz Construction we discovered that this organization/company was a Christian business who exemplified character, sensitivity and integrity. Not only have they built houses of worship but Bob Nitz is a worshiper who has worshipped with us in our facility. Nitz Construction brings extensive knowledge to the construction industry with much thought given to the complexities of the respective municipalities in which they seek to build. Thank you Bob, for partnering with our team to make the vision come to pass.”

Pastor Anthony Moore
Carolina Missionary Baptist Church